NY / LX / RJ

Seeking society even before the reference “man”. A territory, a body, a drift through flows of energy. Paulo Arraiano's visual work has been focusing on the immaterial territory and its connection with the physical territory – emotional cartographies where the body acts as an extension of nature through a medium based on the motion and fluidity of the connection to the root, trying to bring to the city the energy it tends to forget. In the video Emotional Landscapes, the visual artist's work extends onto the body of performer Diana Coelho, where the detachment for the original work sets off the emotional wandering in a new dialoguing body. The shared journey points to a convergence between urban cartography and the meridians of the human body, in an alignment of premisses for a work of “urban acupuncture”. Points of conflict and blockage, emotional and energetic flows will be sought, which then will be worked in a performative action to be returned to the geographic space.

Artwork/Videogtaphy: Paulo Arraiano
Performance: Diana Coelho